Preplanning Overview

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Pre-planning: A gift for yourself and your family

Although it's never pleasant to think about your own funeral, planning ahead is a wise choice. Pre-planning isn't just something you should do for yourself—it's something you should do for your loved ones.

Pre-planning ensures that your family won't be left to plan your funeral. What if they aren't sure what you would have wanted? Do they know if you wanted to be buried or cremated? What if they end up arguing with each other over the details?

Don't put your loved ones in this painful position. By deciding on the details of your wishes now, you will save your family a lot of stress and heartache later. Additionally, when you pre-plan you'll take comfort knowing that your wishes will be followed down to the smallest detail.

Here are just a few of the countless benefits pre-planning provides:

  • Make sure your family isn't left with the stress of hastily planning a last-minute funeral.
  • Ensure that your final wishes are followed precisely.
  • Remove financial burden from your loved ones. Pre-planning allows you to lock in services and merchandise at today's prices and avoid the rising costs of inflation.
  • Guarantee that your final arrangements will be handled even if you have no surviving family members left.

Pre-planning may seem like a daunting process, our caring professionals can quickly and easily record your wishes. We are here to lend you our expertise and walk you through the pre-planning process.

We'll help you create a pre-need plan tailored to fit your needs and your budget.

Pre-pay for peace of mind

Although pre-planning your funeral is extremely helpful to your family, you can remove financial stress from your loved ones by pre-paying. Pre-paying allows you to lock in your chosen funeral or cremation services at today's prices. This will prevent your family from paying higher funeral costs due to inflation.

When you pre-plan and pre-pay with us, you will be certain that your arrangements will cost no more than they would cost today—whether your time comes a year from now or 30 years from now.

Prepaying also offers the following benefits:

  • Ensures money will be available for your funeral service when the time comes
  • Offers you peace of mind that your funeral arrangements will be taken care of even if you have no surviving family members to pay your final expenses
  • Helps your family to avoid ever-increasing funeral costs
  • Locks in funeral expenses at today's prices
With the cost of funerals increasing every year, you can save your loved ones a great deal of financial stress by paying now. We offer a variety of pre-payment options. We will work with you to design a plan that fits your unique situation and budget.

Offer your family financial freedom by pre-paying for your funeral.