Special Touches

Special touches for an unforgettable service

Our expert staff is here to help you plan a truly memorable Life Celebration or funeral service for your loved one. Whether you are planning a burial or cremation, we encourage you to personalize your loved one's service with special touches like music, photographs, memory tables and video tributes.


We offer an array of distinct products and services, including:


Release of Balloons
This is a truly memorable way to pay tribute to your passed loved one. We can arrange to release balloons either before, during or after the service.

DVD Tributes

We'll help you create a touching DVD tribute that can be shown during your loved one's visitation, Life Celebration service or funeral. Simply provide photos and videos of your loved one, and we'll produce a meaningful DVD presentation accompanied by the music of your choice.

Click here for link to DVD sample

Honorable Military Services

We can arrange for special military services for veterans and military members, including a bugle performance of "Taps," a 21-gun salute, a flag draping for the casket, as well as a variety of other military honors.


Special Jewelry and Keepsakes

We offer a variety of remembrance jewelry and keepsakes, including "thumbies" and many other personalized pieces.


Preplanning Services

Our pre-need specialists can help you create a prearrangement plan tailored to your specific wants, needs and budget.

Customized Cremation Services

Even if your loved one chose cremation, you can still pay tribute with a memorable ceremony or service. We offer an array of unique cremation services, including visitations, receptions and Life Celebration events.



We can coordinate and arrange an off-site reception at any venue of your choosing. This gives your family and friends an opportunity to gather and reminisce after your loved one's service.

Casket Customization
Personalize your loved one's casket to pay tribute to their distinctive life. Choose from an array of embroidered overthrows, commemorative panels and special casket corner designs. (link to casket provider)


Green Burials

We offer green burials for environmentally conscious families. These Earth-friendly burials are extremely natural and promote the growth of plants and trees.

Variety of Venues

We can arrange to provide services at any location or venue of your choice - whether it may be a restaurant, banquet center or golf club.

Memory Display Tables

We can set up a memory display table, including your loved one's trophies, medals, collectibles, awards, heirlooms, photos and keepsakes. Guests can admire this display during the visitation or Life Celebration service.


Personalized Music

You are not limited to traditional funeral music during your loved one's service. We are happy to help your family compile special music selections to play during the visitation, funeral or Life Celebration.

Unique Life Story Memorials

We offer the largest selection of exquisite monuments, including custom shapes, materials, sizes and colors with laser etching. Whether you're looking for a simple, traditional monument or a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching design, our expert designers will help you create the perfect monument to reflect your loved one's unique life.